Using a Map of the United States as a Memory Journey

Today I recited the deck in 2:38 and then again right afterwards in 2:21.  Having immediate recall of the deck is going to take time and consistent practice. Today I am creating my memory map for cards and other things.  I have decided to use the map of the fifty states plus D.C. and Puerto … Continue reading

Memorizing a Deck of Cards – #3

Last night I drummed up images of my 52 characters, pasted them in little one inch squares onto playing cards, and wrote each character’s name across the top of the card with the initials in red sharpie and the rest of the name in black.  I know this sounds weird, but I’m a visual person. … Continue reading

Memorizing a Deck of Cards – #2

This morning I got through reciting my cards in order in 3:03.  When I memorized my Dominic 100 list I did so by creating a five part story for each letter “decade”.  It worked very well and it is certainly helping with the speed of my recall now.  If I get stalled on a particular … Continue reading

Memorizing a Deck of Cards – #1

Memorizing a deck of cards using the Dominic system is basically a variation on using his system to memorize complex numbers.  You assign a person to represent each card by relating the “digits” to certain initials.  You also assign a signature kind of action to each person or character. In the number system, the digits … Continue reading